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Target Region

AIBE will have her targeted students around the Greater China Region during phase 1 of her development. During the first five years after establishment, AIBE is looking forward to becoming an off-shore educational center of famous universities in Australia, U.K. and North America by offering undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs specializing in different disciplines of building and construction. In the long run, AIBE will serve other Asian cities outside China.

Target Programs

AIBE is currently operating a number of overseas master and bachelor degree programs, mainly in part-time evening mode. Our institute has 10 years of experience in education and operation. Our teaching staff has rich experience and higher education in the construction industry, housing management and facilities management. The teaching content combines practice and theory, sharing with the latest real cases, industry development and government policies, and comparing the practices and standards of different countries, which students can benefit a lot. At the same time, AIBE supports and sponsors our teaching staff to carry out their research projects.

Mode of Delivery

AIBE is based on professional education, continously cooperating with local or overseas professional institutions to organize CPD courses, lectures, tutorials, etc., to fullfil the needs of different institutions and students. Such courses can also be held in combination with face-to-face and online mode. Participants can contact the speaker in person or through video to enhance knowledge and skills, enrich themselves, and enhance their content and competitiveness.

Besides that, local construction professionals will be invited to be guest tutors to help students understand teaching materials from mother universities in a more efficient way and offer students more local inputs and practices.

In the mid-termed future, AIBE will start to offer her own programs, jointly with universities in Asian cities, to suit local professional requirements and practices. In the long run, AIBE will grow to become a full sized school within an international private university or on her won offering her own degree programs in construction related fields, both full time or part time, by taught courses or by research, when AIBE will own her buildings and campus.