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What is Building Services Engineering ?

According to The Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), a building is not merely a shelter but it provides an environment in which we live, work and achieve. So, everything inside a building which makes it safe, comfortable and functional comes under the title “Building Services”. And the design, installation, commissioning, improvement, maintenance and repairing are works under the discipline of building services engineering. According to CIBSE, building services include, but not limited to, energy supply (gas, electricity and renewable resources), heating and ventilating, water , drainage and plumbing, daylighting and artificial lighting, escalators and lifts, ventilation, harnessing solar, wind and biomass energy, communications, telephones and IT networks, security and alarm systems, fire detection and protection, air conditioning and refrigeration, and facade engineering etc.

With the commencements of the “ten major infrastructure projects”, in addition to various property redevelopment & building maintenance projects, the construction engineering industry has a huge demand on manpower which has never been seen before. The industry will grow in coming "golden decade". Grab this chance of “golden decade”, enhance your profession and build your future.